3 Things: Learning & Doing, Attention, Daniel Kahneman on expertise

Happy Friday!

Here’s 3 Things to think about.

I. Learning & Doing

It’s easy to do many things and not learn much. While doing provides experience, learning makes experience memorable.

Learn from others. Then do. Develop memory and memories.

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II. Attention

When we don’t control our attention, others will.

To improve attention:

+ Strengthen focus [sleep, exercise, meditation]
– Remove distractions [habits, single screen, implementation intentions]

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III. Daniel Kahneman on expertise

“What we consider as expertise usually takes a long time to develop. The acquisition of expertise in complex tasks…is intricate and slow because expertise in a domain is not a single skill but rather a large collection of mini skills.”

Within domains, experts can:

  • automate “mini skills”
  • notice deep structure
  • think flexibly and creatively


Until next Friday,

-Jon Gustafson


PS: Top education reads from the week:

The importance of forming habits for improving student engagement and motivationMotivating students to work remotely through effective planning by Harry Fletcher-Wood

Parental load theory by Becky Allen

Maybe Failure Isn’t the Best Teacher by Eben Harrell

Theory Into Practice: Structuring Videos for Online Learning by StuckInTheMiddle

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